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Escondido CA

Escondido CA

Escondido CA

Escondido CA is a city in southern California, about 35 miles north of San Diego. The name of Escondido CA means “hidden” in Spanish. Escondido CA may have been named “hidden” in reference to hidden water or hidden treasure; the meaning of the name is still under debate today. Escondido CA is home to fifteen great city parks, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and a Buddhist sanctuary. When you want heavy-duty, high-performance, American-made pressure washing equipment for any industrial application in Escondido CA, you want Hydro Tek. We have a variety of cold water pressure washers and hot water pressure washers to choose from, including extreme duty models designed to provide hours of reliable cleaning power in the most rugged environments. Set up a wash bay or take your pressure washer to your job site with Hydro Tek. You can clean faster with less effort with our pressure washer accessories.


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